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WAN Wide Area Network
Modem (modulator/ demodulator) allows a computer system to connect to the internet by allowing digital computer systems to communicate over analogue systems.
Broadband Modems allows for faster data transfer (can access the internet and make telephone calls on the same line).
Media Converter a device which allows computer systems to connect to the Internet using fibre optic cables
HTML (HyperText Markup Language) one of the main programming languages used to create webpages.
.JPEG a format used for storing compressed images. The compression used is LOSSY COMPRESSION. This allows for QUICK DOWNLOAD SPEEDS while maintaining REASONABLY GOOD QUALITY.
.PNG a format used for storing compressed images. The compression used is LOSSLESS COMPRESSION using a non-copyrighted algorithm. The picture quality is EXCELLENT.
.FLA a format used for storing flash multimedia e.g. interactive games, videos, music.
.MP3 a format used to store compressed audio. The compression used is LOSSY COMPRESSION. This means SMALL FILE SIZE, QUICK DOWNLOAD SPEEDS while maintaining REASONABLY GOOD QUALITY.
Lossless Compression an algorithm based type of compression which allows files to be decompressed and compressed without losing data or any detail. It does this by replacing a common string (e.g. 'the') with a token (e.g. '@'). Overall, the quality is EXCELLENT.
Lossy Compression a type of compression that compresses the file by removing some of the data. This reduces the size of the file. Used to compress multimedia data, especially those that are streamed over the Internet.
Packet Switching the process of delivering packers from one Computer System to another using a SWITCH or ROUTER.
Routing the method of selecting paths along which packets are sent on to a computer network. Certain computer systems like routers, switches, bridges, firewalls, gateways construct in their memory a routing table to ensure the packets are sent in the most efficient path possible.
MAC Address Media Access Control Address [a.k.a. a physical address] a unique hexadecimal number to any communication device stored in their ROM. This hexadecimal number is permanent.
IP Address an address allocated to a computer system on a network. This address is used by the TCP/IP protocol.
DNS (Domain Name System) a distributed database that matches IP addresses to computer system resources
ISP (Internet Service Provider) an organisation which provides end users with access to the Internet
Cookies data stored on a computer system which allow websites to store a small amount of uniquely identifying data on to your computer system while you are visiting their website.
Search Engine an application that can be accessed over the Internet which can be used to search for websites on a particular topic.
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