The Elements of Drama


This is a list of the Elements of Drama according to a printout my teacher gave me. It has proved to be very helpful to me so far.
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Character The representing of a three-dimensional human being with ha particular personality, characteristics and background
Role The representing of a point of view, and identifying with a set of values and attitudes.
Status A characters' position and standing, weighty or otherwise, within any grouping of people
Conflict Characters are in conflict when they have opposing purposes or objectives within the drama.
Dramatic Tension The problems faced by a character: their relationships, the creation of surprise, the unfolding of mystery.
Focus The performers' focus in creating concentration and belief and the audience's focus on the dramatic situation.
Place The setting of the dramatic action.
Time The period in which the dramatic action takes place.
Situation The circumstances the characters are in.
Space The stage area, the spatial design of the set and the arrangement of the physical elements of performance.
Language The verbal and non-verbal forms in which the dramatic action is conveyed.
Moment The control and manipulation of key moments in the dramatic action.
Sound The aural devices to enhance performance.
Rhythm The manipulation of timing through pace and tempo.
Structure The framework through which the content of the drama is presented.
Symbols The visual imagery of language, movement, gesture, objects and staging used to reinforce meaning.
Atmosphere The feeling or mood created by, and emerging through, the dramatic action.
Dramatic Meaning The sum total of what is communicated between the performers and the audience.
Audience Engagement The ultimate purpose of all the elements of drama.
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