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How many countries are in the RICS? Europe = 50; North and Latin America = 53; Oceania = 25 ; ASEN = 13; North & South Asia =12; Middle East & Africa = 38 TOTAL = 191
Where is the RICS international HQ? Great George Street, London
What is the motto of the RICS? "Est Modus in Rebus" There is measure in all things
What is the RICS? High profile international institutions that offers advice on property, construction, PM, dispute resolution and environmental issues to various clients and the public
What is the Agenda for change 1998? Aim = ensure RICS capable of serving /meet needs of public + members Aim = shape structure + policy to make RICS global, relevant to members, ready for 21C
Key Changes of Agenda for Change 1998? 1. est. world regions 2. replace 7 divisions with 16 faculties (now 17 Pro Gps) 3. inc electronic communication 4. change from ARICS to MRICS
What was the Brooke Review 2003 review of changes bought by agenda for change due to general dissatisfaction from members
What changes did the Brooke review introduce? 1. creation of member zones on the RICS website 2. Streamlined and targeted email alerts
How many professional groups (faculties) are in the RICS? 17
Name five RICS Professional Groups 1. QS and Construction 2. Dispute Resolution 3. Project Management 4. Geomatics 5. Minerals and Waste
What are the duties of each professional group? 1. Guidance + international stnd 2. APC + ATC competencies 3. Contributing to policy formation 4. Specialist and research info 5. Contribute to CPD topics 6. QA over use of specialist charted dis
What is the governing structure of the RICS? 1. gov by 70 stong council - chaired by pres 2. meets 3 x yr 3. supported by no. of boards - reg. spec faculties etc. 4. new pres each yr 5. member of council r elected + 4yr term
What is the UK structure of the RICS 3 national associations - england & wales; Scotland; N. Ireland Each assoc has a council - elected mbrs eng & wales has 10 regional boards
Where are the world regional offices of the RICS? Coventry; Brussels; NYC; HK; Sydney; Dubai; Bryanston (SA)
What are the types of qualified members? FRICS MRICS AssocRICS
How many ethical standards are there? TOTAL = 5 1. Act with integrity 2. Always provide a high stnd of service 3. Act in a way that promotes trust in the pro 4. Treat others with respect 5. Take responsibility
How o you become FRICS? 1. apply & complete a report highlighting at least 1 of the following & supported by 2 FRICS referees. this is assesed by the board a) acedemic achievement; b) contrib to RICS; c) promote profession
When were the rules of conduct introduced? July 2007
How has the rules of conduct changed and why? 1. clearer; 2. more user friendly; 3. from 60 pgs to 10; 4. chng disciplinary procedures; 5. Life long learning gone - new sufficient amount (identify, plan, record); 6. separate rules for members and firms
How many rules of conduct are for members and how many for firms? MEMBERS = 9 FIRMS = 15
What are the rules of conduct for members? 1. general interpretation; 2. general communication; 3. professional behavior; 4. competence; 5. service; 6. CPD; 7. solvency; 8. info to RICS; 9. co-operation
What are the rules for firms? 1. gen interprutation; 2. gen communication; 3. conduct of business; 4. competence; 5. service; 6. training on CPD; 7. complaints handling; 8. clients money; 9. PII; 10. advertising; 11. solvency; 12. incapacity/death (sole); 13. use of designations; 14. info to RICS; 15. co-operation
Which firms are regulated by the RICS? those with 50% or over partners/directors that are members of the RICS those with less that have applied (voluntarily)
Which firms are regulated by the RICS? Those with 50% or over (members) partners/directors that are members those with less that have applied (voluntary)
What sort of information do registered firms have to send to the RICS annually? 1. Type of business and staffing 2. Nature of clients 3. CHP details and records 4. PI insurance details 5. whether the firm holds clients money
Name some of the topics on which the RICS publishes help sheets documents CPD Guidance for firms Advice for sole practitioners Registration for firms
Name some of the topics which the RICS publishes policy documents? PI Insurances Redress Use of firms designation "regulated by RICS"
In the case of a breach of a rule of conduct what is the procedure? 2009 V4 (2012) rules for disciplinary procedures not every shortcoming triggers investigation 1st step - formal investigation by Head of regs the RICS can request info/visit & inspect to investigate compliance members must cooperate fully
What does the RICS stand for? Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Who is the current president of the RICS Allan Collett
Who is the president elect of the RICS? Michael Newey 2012-2013 (took office on 2/7/2012)
Who is the Chief Executive of the RICS? Sean Tompkins
Who is the Senior vice president of the RICS? Louise Brook-Smith
Who is the Vice President of the RICS? Chris Fossick (2011 - 2014) Martin Bruhl (2011 - 2014) Roobert Meyhew (2012 - 2015)
Who is the honorary Secretary of the RICS? Robert Mahoney
Who is the honorary treasurer of the RICS? Bill Gater
Who is the chair of the QS and construction faculty in the RICS? David Bucknell OBE
Who is the local RICS MATRICS Chairperson Richard Wickins (2012 - 2013)
What is the royal charter? Awarded in 1881 by queen vic "maintain and promote usefulness of the profession for public advantage".
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