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Analyse To divide or break down the subject matter or topic in to parts, reasons, aspects and then examine their nature and relationshiip
Assess To present judgements of the factors raised, their significance, importance and why they are important and or significant
Calculate To ascertain or determine by mathematical procces.
Comment To give opinions ( with justification) on an issue or statement by considering the issue relevant to it.
Compare and contrast to provide a point-by-point account of the similarities and differences between two sets of information or two areas.
Consider To offer some detail about an issue or event and to deliberate about the value of that issue / event.
Define To give meaning of a word, phrase or concept, determine or fix the boundaries or extent of. A relatively short answer, usually one or two sentences, where there is a generally recognised or accepted expression
Demonstrate To prove or make clear by reasoning or evidence how some relationship or event has occurred.
Describe To give a detailed written account of the distinctive features of a subject. the account should be factual, without any attempt to explain
Determine To come to a decision as a result of investigation or reasoning
Discuss To give critical account of the points involved in the topic
Distinguish To present the differences between; to separate into kinds, classes or categories
Evaluate to determine the value or character of something by careful appraisal
Explain To provide an understanding. To make an idea or relationship clear
Give to provide short factual answers
Identify To give reference to an item, which could be its name or reason
Justify to give reference to an item, which could be its name or title.
Outline to indicate the principal features or different parts of.
Recommend To bring forward as being fit or worthy; to indicate as being ones choice for something
review to make survey of, examine , look over carefully and to give critical account.
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