QBO Chapter 6 Key Terms


QBO Chapter 6 important terms
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Two ways to navigate entering vendors and expenses transactions into QBO Navigation Bar (+) New icon
QBO Vendors List Permits us to collect and store information about a vendor, such as vendor name, address, and phone number.
Expense Form When a payment is made at the same time a purchase is made, the purchase can be recorded using the Expense Form
Check Form If a payment is made by check at the same time as a purchase is made, then it can be recorded using the Check Form
Bill > Pay Bills If a bill is received and panned to be paid later, the Bill Form may be used to enter the bill and Pay Bills from when the bill is paid later.
Create Pay Bills Use the Pay Bills form to select the bills that are due and we are ready to pay. If the bill has been entered using the Bill form, then the bill will automatically appear in the Pay Bills list.
Accounts Payable Consists of amounts that our business is obligated to pay in the future.
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