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Accounting Information Systems Chapter 9 key terms
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assurance Independent, professional opinions that reduce the risk of having incorrect information.
business intelligence A computer-based technique for accumulating and analyzing data from databases and data warehouses to support managerial decision making.
data mart A subset of the information from the data warehouse to serve a specific purpose.
data mining A process of using sophisticated statistical techniques to extract and analyze data from large databases to discern patterns and trends that were not previously known.
data warehouse A collection of information gathered from an assortment of external and operational (i.e, internal) databases to facilitate reporting for decision making and business analysis
decision support system (DSS) A computer-based information system that facilitates business decision-making activities.
digital dashboard A display to track the firm’s process or performance indicators or metrics to monitor critical performance.
XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) An open, global standard for exchanging financial reporting information.
XBRL Global Ledger Taxonomy (XBRL GL) Serves as a ledger using the XBRL standard for internal purposes.
XBRL instance document A document containing XBRL elements.
XBRL specification Provides the underlying technical details of what XBRL is and how it works.
XBRL style sheet Adds presentation elements to XBRL instance documents to make them readable by people.
XBRL taxonomy Defines and describes each key data element (e.g., total assets, accounts payable, net income, etc.).
XML (Extensible Markup Language) Open, global standard for exchanging information in a format that is both human- and machine-readable.
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