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The following flashcards are for the Science Unit 1 Ecosystem 3rd Grade Exam.
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Predator An animal that kills and eats other animals
Scavenger An animal that eats anything that is dead
Camouflage a color or pattern which helps an animal blend into its' surroundings to avoid being seen by predators
carrying capacity the greatest number of individual plants and animals a habitat can support
microhabitat A microhabitat is a small habitat within a bigger habitat
Producer Any organizer that can make its' own food. It also gets energy from the sun.
Consumer Any living thing that cannot make its' own food. An example would be a rabbit!
habitat A place where an animal lives or eats or sleeps.
ecosystem An area that has both living and nonliving things.
Carnivore Any living thing that eats meat
Herbivore Anything that eats plants. A plant eater
Omnivore A plant that eats both meat and veggies. It eats both plants and animals.
Prey An animal that is killed or hunted by another animal is prey. What is an example of prey?
The food chain is what? sun----> producer -----> consumer Remember the order!!! What is an example of a producer and consumer?
What do producers get energy from? They get energy from the sun!
What does it mean to recycle? It means to reuse useful materials of an object. Sometimes, we recycle glass bottles so they can be reused or turned into something else.
In the aquarium, which organism is the consumer? Is it the fish or the plant? The fish
What do the fish breathe in, in the fish tank? Oxygen
What do the fish in the fish tank breathe out? They breathe out carbon dioxide or CO2
What is a decomposer? Can you give me an example of one? Example: mushroom, fungi, worms A decomposer is an organism that breaks down dead animals or plants into smaller pieces.
What are the three stages of the water cycle in order? evaporation, condensation, precipitation
What is evaporation? This is when the sun heats the water. The water then rises as a gas or "water vapor" into the air.
What is condensation? Water Vapor cools and turns back into a liquid.
What is precipitation. Can you give me a few examples of precipitation? Precipitation occurs when the clouds become too full. They cannot hold the liquid anymore. The liquid falls to the ground as rain, snow, sleet or hail.
Humans are examples of producer or consumer? Humans are examples of consumers because we cannot make our own food. We must get food from somewhere else.
Which one is the predator and which one is the prey? A lion and a rabbit rabbit: prey lion: predator
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