Impressionism and Post-Impressionism art works ch6


Impressionism and Post-Impressionism art works ch6
Ayla de Klerk
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Claude Monet, Impression, Sunrise, 1872
Claude Monet, Haystacks at Giverny (end of summer, morning)
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Dance at the Moulin de la Galette, 1876
Berthe Morisot, Summer's Day, 1879
Edgar Degas, The Dancing Class, 1874
Mary Cassett, The Boating Party, 1893-94
James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Arrangement in Black and Gray: The Artist's Mother, 1871
paul cézanne, mount sainte-victoire from the large pine tree, 1887
paul cézanne, still life with peppermint bottle, 1894
georges seurat, a sunday on la grande jatte, 1884-86
vincent van gogh, starry night, 1889
vincent van gogh, japonaiserie: flowering plum tree, 1887
paul gauguin, manao tupapau (spirit of the dead watching), 1892
auguste rodin, the thinker, 1879-89
auguste rodin, the kiss, 1886-98
Camille claudel, french, the waltz, 1892
Gustave eiffel, eiffel tower, paris,1889
louis sullivan, wainwright building, st louis, missouri, 1890-91
victor horta, staircase, dr. tassel's house, brussels, 1893
antoní gaudí, casa milá apartment building, barcelona, 1905-07
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