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to pull, draw tirer
to open ouvrir
eye, view oeil
event, fact fait
to change, exchange changer
question, matter question
to fall tomber
enough, quite, fairly assez
to forgive, pardon, excuse excuser
affiar, business affaire
to sleep, to lie idle dormir
how much, how many combien
brother frère
work, labor, employment travail
idea, opinion idée
next, then, besides, plus puis
trick, knack, thing truc
three trois
much, so much tant
memory, souvenir souvenir
everything tous
to walk, march, go marcher
today, nowadays aujourd'hui
history, story histoire
young, youthful, young person jeune
late tard
to learn, to hear apprendre
to drink boire
to keep, to look after, to guard garder
some (quantity) quelques
gate, door porte
to show, point out montrer
to sit down, sit up asseoir
to carry, wear porter
year année
under sous
ready prêt
against contre
to pray prier
for, during pendant
month mois
better, the best one meilleur
to serve servir
to write écrire
part, share part
water eau
sang blood
room, square, seat place
to hope for espérer
full, solid plein
to distress, upset désoler
them, they eux
to find, totown, city meet retrouver
town, city ville
earth, ground terre
to win, earn gagner
week semaine
to buy acheter
long, for a long time longtemps
bedroom, chamber chambre
coast, slope, side côté
law, right, straight droit
to remind, remember rappeler
to read lire
case, instance cas
word mot
only, solely seulement
here is, here are voici
contrite, desolate, afraid désolé
to leave, depart quitter
police police
morning matin
to take (somebody) emmener
to touch toucher
to continue, go on continuer
strong, solid fort
husband mari
to tell raconter
bad, poor, wrong mauvais
together, at once ensemble
there, over there là-bas
to answer, reply répondre
finally, at last enfin
there is, there are voilà
to look for, seek chercher
hour, time, age heure
better, utmost, best, improvement mieux
your (plural) tes
to help, aid aider
mother mère
already, before déjà
beautiful, lovely, pretty, fine, nice (weather) beau
to try, try out, test essayer
what, which quel
your (plural) vos
since, from, for depuis
someone, somebody quelqu'un
to come back, return revenir
so, therefore donc
to be successful plaire
house, home maison
people (plural) gens
night nuit
evening, night soir
name nom
to play jouer
their, to them leur
to finish, end finir
fear, fright peur
death, dead mort
because, for parce que
to lose, miss perdre
to smell, sniff, feel sentir
yeah, yep ouais
to bring in, take in, to get in, rentrer
first, basic, first floor premier
problem problème
silver, money argent
who, what, which quelle
to live, be alive, go through vivre
to return, give back, repay rendre
last, latest dernier
to hold, run, keep, last tenir
this, that cet
hand main
quickly, fast, soon vite
to forget, miss oublier
air, look, appearance, manner air
son fils
to work, work on, practise travailler
less moins
head, face tête
blow, shot, kick, punch coup
to listen to écouter
reason raison
to eat manger
love, love affair, cupid amour
to go in, enter, come in entrer
whose, of which dont
new, fresh nouveau
to become devenir
to start, begin commencer
moment, while, point moment
car, coach, carriage voiture
old, old man, old woman vieux
tomorrow demain
to see again, review, goodbye revoir
they (refers to a group of feminine nouns or females) elles
to pay payer
mad, crazy fou
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