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good luck good luck on your trip!
desert have you ever been in a desert
know i don't know her very well
flown mr.garcia has flown to venezuela four times this month
pay how much will I have to pay
comb I always comb my hair immediately after take my shower
mustard I like hot dogs with mustard
dobeliu w é a vigésima terceira letra do alfabeto
sand usually when we go to the beach we make sand castles
south pole last night I saw an interesting program about the south pole on TV
t-shirt where did you buy that t-shirt
peanut peanut are high in protin and oils
there is there is a interesting museum of Dalí's works in Saint Petersburg,Florida
heirloom herança
cow it's been a long time since the cow has had a calf(bezerro)
hair in the 1920's the fasion for women was to have short
saturday I don't lie to work on saturday's
between mary is standing between peterand paul
maybe maybe I'll tell her the truth
wood some types of wood are rosewood,oak,cedar,cypress and pine.
Identification please,may I see your identification
palace the palace of versailles is locacted 13 iles from paris
turn on please turn on the light because is very dark here
floor they live on the fifth floor of that building
fourteen my younger sister just turned fourteen years old
cousin my cousin is always telling jokes
any she will call at any moment
selection I have a big selection of wines
ruler use the ruler to make straight lines
interested I am interested in everthing that you do
private this is a private club
glass in the morning I always have a glass of orange juice
mushroom it is very common to find mushrooms restaurant menus
line two lines that are parallel never meet
pass can you pass me the salt please
pretty your new car is very pretty
lose my older brother never likes to lose
interesting animal life in the ocean is very interesting
hang up if you can't get through,hang up and try again
avoid we can avoid rush hour if we leave now
arm he broke his arm playing soccer
during be quiet during the cerimony
here I want you to be here tomorrow
leg the worse's leg is wounded
mistake escuse me miis.thompson,I think that I made a mistake
top the information that you are looking for is at the top of page six
cake I love chocolate cake
attitude the waitdress had a very bad attitude
tomato did you know the tomato is actually a fruit
laugh this program makes me laugh
heard I have heard that the interested rate is going to fall soon
dictionary that are a thousands of words in a dictionary
call do not forget to call your mother on her birthday
agency the travel agency is closed
sold mr fuentes sold her stamp collection
goddess there are various goddess in greek mythology
money I don't have enough money at this moment
building the sears tower in chicago is one of the world's talles building's
double crops became double the normal size
squidward now,pay attention,squidward (lula molusco)
diode a semi conductor diode that emits light when current is passed througt it
brightest o mais brilhoso
knuckhead cabeça oca
arcade machine fliperama
neath the sea embaixo do mar
urchin ouriço-do-mar
beneath 17 the seeds are shrived beneath the clods
seeds post-haverst the seeds are cleaned mechanically
are flocking estão se reunindo
witnesses testemunhas
unveling the grand unveling of bikini bottom's
wounded the explosion wounded five georgia peacekeeprs
pricly espinhoso
pest peste
crops culturas,colheitas,plantações
perhaps business has done better perhaps than many people might think
waitress waitress on a cruise ship maybe with liquid latex
clods but there is not the truth clods
harvest you cannot bring forth spiritual harvest by self-effort
sowing semeadura
armou armadura
owl coruja
spell soletrar
sift peneirar
inherit herdar
probe sondar
tin estanho
stake estaca
bulky volumoso
slang calão /gíria
boiling ebulição
heiress herdeira
waitress graçonete
caption subtítulo
noun substantivo
verb verbo
sludge lodo
grugde rancor
culvert bueiro
tambourine pandeiro
swap cãibra
beg implorar
manuever manobrar
bonfire fireplace fogueira
boiler caldeira
tame domar
decimate dizimar
plank prancha
raft jangada
rabbi rabino
yankee Ianque
kayak caique
widower viúvo
groin virilha
loft sótão
weaving tecelagem
baking cozimento
broom vasoura
mug caneca
suitor pretendente
follower seguidor
annul anular
container recipiente
nap soneca
annoy irritar
thinker pensador
checken verificador
walled murado
grilled grelhado
joke gracejo
yawn bocejo
jams geleia
gums gengivas
fringe franja
sauce molho
orchestra my father plays in a orchestra
september setembro
i don't understand I don't understand the train schedule
do a favor can you do me a favor
movies a ticket for the movies costs around six dollars in the U.S
she does not have she does not have any nephews,but she has one niece
heat I don't like the heat
enjoy we enjoyed your visit and hope that you come back soon
period a short period
bulky volumoso
silky sedoso
suction aspiração
bastion balluarte (arquitetura militar)
rendetion capitulação
concealment dissimulação
freezing congelação
slender delgado
grated ralado
mitigation atenuação
taxation tributação
malfeasance prevaricação
reassesment reavaliação
reprint reedição
rerun reprise
irreplaceble insubstituível
unvelivable inacreditável
affectionate carinhoso
gifted talentoso
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