Edexcel GCSE RE Unit 8.1 Key words


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Bible the holy book of Christians
Church the community of Christians (with a small 'c' it means a place of worship)
conscience an inner feeling of the rightness or wrongness of an action
the Decalogue the Ten Commandments
democratic processes the ways in which all citizens can take part in government (usually through elections)
electoral processes the ways in which voting is organised
the Golden Rule the teaching of Jesus that you should treat others as you would like them to treat you.
human rights the rights and freedoms to which everyone is entitled
political party a group which tries to be elected into power on the basis of its policies (e.g. Labour, Conservatives)
pressure group a group formed to influence government policy on a particular issue.
Situation Ethics the idea that Christians should base moral decisions on what is the most loving thing to do.
social change the way in which society has changed and is changing (and also the possibility for future change)
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