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Where are major optical and infrared astronomical observatories on Earth mostly situated? Chile Hawaii Australia Canary Islands
What factors influence the choice of site for major astronomical observatories? - High Elevation - Frequent Cloudless Nights - Low atmospheric pollution - Dry air - Sufficient distance away from light pollution
How do astronomers work with remote telescopes? Astronomers send in their requests, and these are programmed into the telescope control system. Local operators ensure that observations are made, and the results are sent back to the astronomers.
What are the advantages of computer control telescopes? - Allows telescopes to be in remote locations - Objects can be tracked continuously - Telescopes can be positioned more precisely
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using telescopes outside of the Earth's atmosphere? a) Avoids absorption, and refraction effects of the atmosphere a) Can use parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that the atmosphere absorbs d) More expensive to set up, maintain, and repair d) Uncertainties of space programming
Why do astronomers collaborate internationally? - Each party can contribute towards costs - Expertise are pooled, so that better results are gained
What non-astronomical factors are taken into account when building or closing an observatory? - Cost - Environmental and social impacts near the observatory - Working conditions for employees
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