Tips for self review forms and reports


These are some flash cards for giving learners tips to write better self reviews and not just put oneword answers
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Write in full sentences Sentences tell the story
Try not to use jargon Not everyone understands the topic like you
Put in what you think you did well This is your chance to tell everyone what went well
Write how you met the brief Be critical on how well you have done
Write how you would improve the task Try to list a couple of pointers - there are always things to improve
Write what you would do differently Having completed the task you might choose different software or pictures
Avoid single word answers This just seems lazy
Put in some examples of what you did Direct the reader to highlights of the project
Write what you found challenging This will remind you later what you need to improve
Write what you enjoyed doing This is probably the thing you do best
Write what made the task easier This reminds you another time to choose a tool or software to make life easier
Write what skills you have improved This reminds you where you still need to expand your knowledge
Write what skills would have made the task easier Often this willlead you to look fro alternative ways of completing tasks
Don't blame others It is just too easy when you could have asked for more assistance
Try to include something to do with the time taken to complete Trying to gauge how long tasks take is an important part of plannig future work
Mention how others helped or influenced the project This will remind you of where you needed support and also how far you have come
Use punctuation like capitals and commas Don't be sloppy with grammar as this often hides personal achievements
Take your time as the review is as important as the work Reviews provide pointers for future study and how to do things better
Use any peer or tutor review in your own review Listen to others that see only the results and not the journey they have good perspective
Don't be too proud to say you could do better Be humble so that you can imporve
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