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Set of cards outlining Git and Version Control basics, as well as terminal commands for some common operations.
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What is Git? Git is a local version control and revision management system. It allows users to track changes to projects as well as track history and different versions (branches).
git add <filepath> Add file contents to the index, staging them for commit. Individual files and entire directories can be added.
git clone <url> Clones a (usually remote) repository, creating a new directory with the same name.
git commit -m "<message>" Record changes to the repository. Files are first staged and usually a descriptive commit message is included.
git checkout <args> Switch branches or restore working tree files. If no path is given, git checkout will update HEAD to set the specified branch as the current branch.
git branch <args> Lists, creates, or deletes git branches.
git diff <filepath> Show changes between the working tree and index, changes between two files on disc, or changes between two working trees.
git fetch <args> Fetch refs from one or more repositories. Unlike "git pull", remote changes will not be incorporated and HEAD will not be updated.
git <command> --help Prints the synopsis and a list of the most commonly used commands for the given operation.
git init Create an empty Git repository or reinitialize an existing one.
git pull Incorporates changes from a remote repo. into the current branch. Shorthand for git fetch followed by git merge FETCH_HEAD.
git status Show the working tree status. This is commonly done before a commit to check which files are staged to be committed.
git push Updates remote refs using local refs. Essentially "pushes" committed changes from local repository to the remote repo.
git merge <args> Incorporates changes from named commits into the current branch. This is the second sub-process of "git pull".
git log Show the commit logs, with author, date/time, and commit ID's for all previous commits.
git remote Manage a set of tracked repositories. Useful for updating the remote repository URL (git remote set-url origin <url>).
man git Shows the git manual (verbose) and list of all git commands with descriptions. Further documentation is also available at: There are also some GREAT tutorials at:
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