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Shift cambiar, cambio o movimiento turno (de trabajo) The driver shifted gears as the car climbed the hill. This factory has three shifts: morning, evening and night.
outfit vestimenta, atuendo. Rachel is buying herself a new outfit for her holiday.
What's keeping? What's keeping someone? ¿Qué lo/la está retrasando? Bill: I've been waiting here for an hour for Sally. Sue: What's keeping her?
surgeon cirujano The surgeon prepared to operate on the patient.
shipyard astillero. John is working as a labourer in the shipyard.
Suit n. Traje. v. Ajustar, adaptar, encajar. We can suit the training to fit your needs.
grab the lifeline Lit. agarrarse a la linea de vida/ salvavidas. Fig. Tomar la oportunidad de tu vida. So I had grabbed the lifeline unbelievingly.
clatter v. repiquetar, hacer ruido, traquetear. n. traqueteo, estrépito. The bus was clattering along a narrow street.
grocery tienda de comestibles. Kyle walked down to the grocery to grab a few things for dinner.
batter v. golpear. n. bateador (persona o instrumento). n. masa. Hail battered the cars in the parking.
battered adj. maltratado. I got out and stood beside my battered suitcase.
hail granizo. Hail battered the cars in the parking.
lead off empezar. Let's lead off by introducing ourselves.
ivy Hiedra. Laura planted ivy on the side of her house to provide some shade to the house.
tidily ordenadamente. I knew by the ivy which grew untidily over the red brick.
topmost más alto. The topmost windows.
steady / steadily firme, constante, estable.(constantemente) Tom checked the chair was steady, before standing on it. Petrol prices remained steady this month.
dull / dullness soso, insípido. The thesis was so dull that I fell asleep reading it.
threat amenaza. The thief's threat was enough to get everyone to cooperate.
featured destacado, mencionado. Destacó, mencionó. A recent episode of the History Channel programme "Life After People" featured Pyramiden.
glitter v. brillar, relucir. n. purpurina. The glass building glittered in the sun.
misgive actuar de manera sospechosa. Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven.
tone tonada, canción, melodía. Harry hummed a tune as he worked.
hum tararear. Harry hummed a tune as he worked.
bustle ajetreo, bullicio, trajín. Karen missed the bustle of the city.
hedge / hedgerow Seto, hilera de seto. The thief leaped over the hedgerow as he ran from the police.
leap v. saltar, brincar. n. salto, brinco. The thief leaped over the hedgerow as he ran from the police.
sprinkle esparcir, rociar, espolvorear
pipe tubería, manguera, gaita, pipa, cachimba.
pepper mill molinillo de pimienta
rolling pin rodillo de amasar
ladle cazo
colander escurridor
strainer colador
corkscrew sacacorchos (cork corcho, screw tornillo)
blender batidora, licuadora, mezcladora.
kitchen sacale balanza de cocina.
kettle hervidor de agua. (tea kettle, electric kettle)
funnel embudo
whisk batidor
bottle opener abrebotellas.
chopping board también cutting board. tabla de cortar
casserole cacerola, cazuela
mortar and pestle mortero
sauce boat salsera
salt shaker salero (pepper shaker pimentero)
grater rallador
teapot tetera
coffee percolator cafetera de filtro
typist mecanógrafo. What do you do? I'm a typist.
layoff despido.
inbound de llegada, entrante. Inbound trains are listed on the other board, sir.
pier embarcadero, muelle. In 1877, a pier was built at Tywyn, , but the structure only lasted a few months.
trunk 1. tronco 2. trompa (del elefante) 3. caja, baúl, arcón. Ellen found things she'd forgotten she had when she went through the trunks in the attic.
mugger atracador. Three men chased a mugger into East Putney station.
mug n. taza, tazón. v. asaltar, atracar, robar. Someone mugged Sarah last night.
elderly entrado/a en años. the ederly -> los ancianos The mugger punched and kicked an elderly woman.
deserve merecer. She deserves a pay rise. She has worked really hard.
unlikely improbable It seems unlikely that Philip will get the job; he really doesn't have the right qualifications.
deaf / deafening sordo / ensordecedor Jonny's parents are deaf, so he is fluent in sign language.
sunbathing tomar el sol. Sunbathing can be dangerous in Spain.
stubborn obstinado, terco, tenaz. He was stubborn and refused to admit he was wrong.
catch up alcanzar, ponerse al día. I missed a week of work, and now I have to catch up.
beg rogar, suplicar, implorar, mendigar. She begged her parents to buy her the toy.
affect afectar, conmover, fingir o aparentar. The government's plan will affect a lot of people. Pierre sometimes affects a southern accent.
beat / beat / beaten golpear, batir, vencer, derrotar (batir alas, huevos, batir de ganar). Estoy derrotado (de cansancio) I'm beat. He beat the desk with his fist.
brink borde (fig). Her father's death brought Maisy to the brink of desperation.
foothold punto de apoyo. I can't climb any farther - there are no footholds!
freed liberado (free). Slaves were freed in 1865 in the USA.
get around moverse bastante, viajar con frecuencia. I certainly get around in my job. This year, I've travelled to Korea, Australia and South Africa.
grab agarrar. Liz grabbed the ball and ran to the goal.
grief dolor, pena, aflicción After the fire the whole town was gripped by grief and sorrow.
hazard peligro, riesgo. Ice is a major road hazard this time of year.
jam atasco / mermelada. Jeff was late to work after being stuck in a traffic jam for three hours.
ladder escalera. John used the ladder to climb onto the roof to clean out the gutters.
mutt chucho
pissed US => cabreado. UK => borracho. Pissed off => cabreado. She's pissed off right now; wait until she calms down before asking your question.
proof prueba. -proof (sufix) a prueba de. He was holding a smoking gun, that's all the proof I need.
reluctance reticencia, renuencia. Ben's reluctance to join in the game was obvious.
rift ruptura, separación / grieta, abertura. There was a rift in the clouds.
con estafar, timar / punto negativo, contra. Pros and cons. The suspect apparently conned elderly people out of thousands of dollars.
rumble ruido o retumbo bajo. Agatha heard the rumble of thunder in the distance.
shame verguenza, remordimiento, pena, lástima. He felt shame for the awful things that he had said.
sinkhole sumidero.
hit bottom tocar fondo. Our profits have hit bottom
prune ciruela pasa / podar.
mellow meloso, suave, dulce, delicado. The wine had a nice mellow flavor.
snoop husmear, fisgar. I was snooping around in his room and found this photograph.
leash correa, cadena, ataduras / atar, amarrar. Ben let his dog off the leash.
starve pasar hambre, morir de hambre. The crops have failed and the people are starving.
crop cultivo, cosecha. This year's corn crop was poor after the torrential summer rains.
cattle ganado. The farm next door has cattle, but they don't grow any crops.
engage engage sb. entablar conversación con engage sb. in sth. involucrar a alguien en algo engage with sb. comprometerse con
tally cuenta, cómputo, conteo. The tally was in and it seemed more people had voted yes than no.
dome cúpula. The tally was in and it seemed more people had voted yes than no.
deputy diputado / sustituto. In some countries, the peoples' political representatives are called deputies.
nevertheless a pesar de eso, sin embargo, aún así. She didn't like the price. Nevertheless, she bought it.
individual individuo. Only one individual turned up at opening time.
debris escombros, restos. The rescue team searched the debris of the bombed building for survivors.
taint mancha, impureza / manchar, echar a perder, mancillar, contaminar. Fertilizer has tainted the local water supply.
booze bebida alcohólica.
sling cabestrillo. Fertilizer has tainted the local water supply.
wasteful derrochador, malgastador. My brother's always been wasteful of money.
churning removido, agitado, revuelto. The churning in his stomach increased as the hours passed.
quirk peculiaridad, singularidad, rareza, particularidad. We'd learned to accommodate one another's quirks with no more than a raised eyebrow.
leverage hacer palanca / ventaja. He moved his grip on the handle for better leverage. She took advantage of the situation to gain leverage in the negotiations.
concerned preocupado, interesado. The concerned parent talked to the teacher. concerned about sth. preocupado por. Tina is concerned about her weight and has decided to join a gym.
flourish florecer, crecer con fuerza. The farmer's crops flourished in the warm spring weather.
snatch arrebatar, arrancar / chocho, coño.
glimpse vistazo, destello. Already, we get a glimpse of what is to come. As he opened the door and she caught a glimpse of the music room, he heard her sharp intake of breath.
stab puñalada / apuñalar. The mugger stabbed his victim when she refused to hand over her bag.
stash alijo, reserva oculta, escondite. Police discovered a stash of guns in the house.
cabin n. cabina, camarote, cabaña. v. encerrar en un lugar pequeño. The captain retires to his cabin every evening at 8:00.
cabinet gabinete, armario, vitrina, escaparate. Betty bought an antique cabinet at the flea market.
flee huir. Run away. If we are spotted, we must flee.
beacon faro, baliza. fig. ejemplo. Despite the rain, the ship's crew could see the beacon from shore ahead.
usher ujier, acomodador. The usher showed the group to their seats.
muzzle hocico, bozal, boca de un arma. Kyle looked down the muzzle of the gun.
sake for the sake of -> en el nombre de beneficio, bien. I argued for your sake; I had no interest in the dispute.
vessel embarcación, navío / vasija, recipiente. blood vessel => vaso sanguíneo. Ben searched for some vessel he could pour the tea into.
coward cobarde.
relief alivio. In his depressed state, seeing his friend was a relief.
flock rebaño, bandada. The shepherd tended his flock. El pastor se ocupó de su ganado.
forfeit perder / pérdida, castigo, multa. Sam paid the bill late, so he had to pay an additional forfeit.
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