Repàs-1: cançons bàsiques de pop & rock


Conjunt de fitxes per repassar algunes de les cançons bàsiques de la música pop & rock. 3r ESO · INS Manuel de Montsuar de Lleida · Ramon Llanes
Ramon Llanes Bordes
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Rock around the clock Bill Haley (1954)
Blueberry hill The fat man... Fats Domino
Johnny B.Goode, School day, Carol, Roll over Beethoven... Chuck Berry
crazy arms, Whole lotta shakin' going on, Great balls of fire Jerry Lee Lewis
That's all right, Hound dog, Jailhouse rock... Elvis Presley
Surfin' USA, Barbara Ann Good vibrations... The beach boys
Black is black Los bravos
Yesterday, Penny lane, Hey jude, Blackbird, Sergeant Pepper's, Eleanor rigby, Let it be... The Beatles
Satisfaction, Start me up, Sympathy for the devil, Brown sugar, Angie... Rolling Stones
My generation The who
The sound of silence... Simon & Garfunkel
Blowin' in the wind, The times they are a changing, Knockin' on heaven's door Like a rolling stone... Bob Dylan
You've got a friend James Taylor
L'estaca Viatge a Itaca El meu país és tan petit... Lluís Llach
Imagine John Lennon
Light my fire The doors
Purple haze Jimi Hendrix
What's love got to do with Tina Turner
Respect, I say a little prayer, Think Aretha Franklin
Hot stuff, Bad girls Donna Summer
I will survive Gloria Gaynor
I feel good, Sex machine... James Brown
Purple rain Prince
Like a virgin, Like a prayer... Madonna
Billie Jean, Thriller, Bad, Smooth criminal Black or white... Michael Jackson
Stayin' alive Bee gees
Another brick in the wall, Money Pink Floyd
Highway to hell, Back in black, Thunderstruck... ACDC
Master of puppets, Nothing else matters, Enter sandman... Metallica
Welcome to the jungle, Sweet child O' mine, Novembre rain... Guns N' Roses
Ziggy Stardust, Let's dance, Heroes... David Bowie
Bohemian rhapsody, We are the champions, We will rock you I want to break free... Queen
God save the Queen, Anarchy in the U.K. Sex Pistols
Is this love, No woman no cry, Could you be love Get up stand up... Bob Marley
Every breath you take, Message in a bottle... The police
Born in the USA, The river, The rising... Bruce Springsteen
Com as you are, Smell like teen spirit... Nirvana
My name is, Lose yourself... Eminem
Mujer contra mujer, Hoy no me puedo levantar, Hijos de la luna... Mecano
L'Empordà, Camins, El far del sud... Sopa de cabra
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