Animal and Plant Cells


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What controls everything inside the cell? The nucleus
What is found inside the membrane? The nucleus and cytoplasm
What do we find inside the cytoplasm? Special organells that carry out different life processes
What is the green liquid in a plant cell called? Chlorophyll
What helps support the plant? The rigid wall around the plant cell membrane
Where is the water and food stored in a plant cell? In the vacuole, which is like a bag
How many cells are there in a unicellular organism? Only one cell
Cells are always spherical. True or false? False. The cells are different shapes according to their function.
Animal and plant cells have chloroplasts. True or false? False. Only plant cells do.
Cells are living things. True or false? True
The nucleus protects the cell. True or false? False. It is the membrane which surrounds and protects the cell.
Cytoplasm is a liquid protected by a membrane. True or false? True
Organelles carry out several life processes. True or false? True. For example, they carry out nutrition by transforming nutrients into energy.
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