Pet vocabulary: huge to fact


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Huge Enormous, massive.
Thick It´s the opposite of thin.
Grant An amount of money that is given to someone by the government, a company etc., to be used for a particular purpose.
Look forward to + ing To expect something with pleasure.
Fetch(ed) To get and bring something.
Look(ed) after To take care of something or someone.
Loads of A big amount of.
Sink/sank To go to the bottom.
Seabed The floor of a sea or ocean.
Realise(d) To understand or become aware of something.
Remain(ed) To continue unchanged.
Several More than one.
Smart Very good at learning or thinking about things; intelligent, clever.
Fearless Not afraid, very brave.
Confident Having or showing assurance and self-reliance.
Aim(ed) To direct towards a specified objective or goal.
Tight Fitting very close to your body; the opposite to loose.
Drop(ped) To let something fall accidentally or intentionally.
Hump A rounded protuberance or lump (as on the back of a camel).
Fact A piece of information presented as having objective reality.
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