Pet vocabulary: reliable to spoilt


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Reliable Something able to be trusted or believed.
Although Conjunction that expresses contrast, synonym of “despite the fact that”.
Unless It means “except if”.
Sort A type of something.
Pie It´s a type of food made with meat, vegetables or fruit that is covered in pastry and baked.
Oven A piece of kitchen equipment that is used for cooking food.
Form A printed document with spaces for you to write information.
Gate It´s a door in a fence or outside wall.
Apply for To request something formally.
Courage The quality that makes you able to do dangerous or difficult things.
Ordinary When something isn´t special or a person is plain-looking.
Challenge Something that by its nature is a difficult thing to accomplish.
Deal with To take an action on something, resolve or to be concerned with something.
Century It´s a 100-year period.
Despite It´s an expression to say opposed ideas; synonymous of “although or spite of”.
Struggle To work hard to solve a task or problem.
Skills It´s the knowledge or ability to do something well.
Landscape It´s an area of natural scenery that can be seen from a single viewpoint.
Success (noun) / successful (adjective) It´s the gaining of wealth, position, honors etc or the favourable result of something attempted.
Spoilt It´s when a kid wants everything that he sees and he cries and screams till he gets it.
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