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shower It´s when you stand in the bath under a spray of water to wash.
stairs A series of steps that go from one level or floor to another one.
address The words and numbers that are used to describe the location of a building.
lift/elevator This machine takes you up and down in a building.
toothbrush An object for cleaning your teeth.
floor The part of the room in which you stand.
balcony This is the part of your house connected to the outside.
blanket You sleep with this when you are cold.
toothpaste A substance that is used for cleaning your teeth.
basement This is the part of your house that is underground.
shopping It´s when you go to different shops to buy things.
towel You use this to dry off after a bath or swim.
roof The cover or top of a building or house.
dream These are the pictures in your mind when you are sleeping.
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